Marcela kicking, selfdefence


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In casual outfit and Gi
Runtime: 05:30
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1 review

  1. STEP73 (verified owner)

    This clip is at once a presents elegance of martial art and the feminine beauty. Marcela’s brutal fighting skills and extreme speed gives her overwhelming self-confidence. After her intensive warm up session, she uses it the big male attacker as a training tool. Inflicts humiliating defeat on him again and again. Marcela’s spins and kicks as fast as lightning, her counter attacks are indefenseble. She do not falls in panic when the attacker use a knife, even handgun! Mostly she needs only two superfast and powerful kicks to win. Finally, she give him a lifelong remembering beating, but it also only needs five kicks! After she totally defeats this guy, she kicks a boxing bag to pulp, just for chills down herself. Marcela wears dobok and a sexy casual outfit during the video. She’s deadly skilled, lightning fast, strong and proud beauty: simply unbeatable! I love the POV chapters!! Marcela knocks out me, in seconds!!!

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