Flower taekwondo action 2


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2:22 – Poomsae forms, 1:30 – POV punches and axe kick (camera is from below), 0:33 – Punches and axe kick on opponent lying on the ground, 1:31 – Selfdefence in dobok, 0:46 – Selfdefence in casual outfit
Runtime: 07:14
Format: WMV (1280×720)
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4 reviews

  1. Claus-Clod Hellmer (verified owner)

    At least some great Axe kicks and good self defence. Would like to see more of her in Dobok fighting against three men. Good work.

  2. Rick Rick

    Her skills are really strong and sharp!

  3. Vincent

    More FLOWER POWER in full length movie style clips please! She is awesome!

  4. anna lee

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