Ema: Mugger POV short movie


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Ema as a bad girl show her kicking skills in this POV. Include front kicks, side kicks, round kicks, groin kick, stomps, knife hand strike, eye poke. Part of video is in sandals (approx. 2 min.) and other part barefoot (approx. 1,5 min.), Language: Polish with English subtitles, Outfit – Casual
Runtime: 04:31
Format: WMV (1280×720)
Filesize: 970 MB


1 review

  1. RobM

    Bought this. The action is pretty short and hard to see because most kicks are fast and outside of the camera angles (it is more realistic, but less cinematic).

    However, the trash talking is top tier. Ema’s character is merciless and terrifying for her opponent (you). The removal of her sandals signals your end, and you can experience the panic of getting beaten up by a karate girl.

    Overall the action is nice. Could be improved, but it’s definitely entertaining and hot.

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