Zoja vs. You


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Include 2 vs. you scenarios (first scenario – 5:12, second scenario – 3:20) –  in sporty outfits. Include various kicking techniques (side kicks, front kicks, round kicks, jumping side kick…), punches, throat choke, groin kicks, breaking of fingers and in both scenarios stomping kick with splashing sound. In first scenario Zoja invites guy on training, but her pupil is not in the expected shape, so she is forced to show her fighting skills, In second scenario guy want from her money and threaten her with knife, so he will pay for it.
Runtime: 08:32
Format: WMV (1280×720)
Filesize: 562 MB


3 reviews

  1. jim

    Highly recommended .This is your best POV clip so far! Keep them coming!

  2. Karl Fritz (verified owner)

    Zoja is a young goddess, just 18 years old and yet a relentless fighter, I can feel the force of her blows and kicks

  3. Nn (verified owner)

    Zoja is awesome and super sexy girl.

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