Vivien vs. You


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1:17 with moving camera (outdoors, with sighing), 1:20 in Gym with static camera (without sighing) – in Gi
Runtime: 02:37
Format: WMV (1280×720) in ZIP file
Filesize: 521 MB


5 reviews

  1. dave72


    Awesome !! . That’s the perfect demonstration of karate techniques ! Vivien is an incredibily skilled lady.

  2. Boke

    Best clip so far

    Wow! My favorite fighter in a perfect POV kicking video! The speed and kicking distance for this video is perfect. It’s slow and close enough so you can see the foot coming your way and feel the sole smashing into your face. The front kicks and side kicks in this video are very well executed, as expected from a karate expert like Vivien! SFM team should make at least one of this type of video for each fighter!

  3. anon


    I agree with Boke completely. Fantastic view of Vivien’s foot just before she kicks your face in. Her heel at 1:22 is the last thing you’d see for awhile.
    Please do a video like this with Ema also.

  4. MartialFemin


    I agree each fighter should get at least one of these! This is nearly a perfect clip! Incredible work.

  5. Jetz395

    Great pov

    I love this models sole has great shape kicking is on point you can see its she is skilled and i love the slower kicks i enjoy seeing the sole so any slow type of kicking is great to me price makes me love buying from this site and this already my 3rd pov if boughten from them i also purchased the fem vs fem matches this site truly gets it done right i hope to see her in a fem vs fem gi match but for now this is great

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