Viki vs. You


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Include various kicking techniques (side kicks, front kicks, jumping side kick, knee kick…), punches, groin kick, fingers breaking, stomping kicks…
Format: WMV (1280×720)
Runtime: 03:28
Filesize: 327 MB


2 reviews

  1. STEP73 (verified owner)

    She beats you up as an easy workout

    Viki looks gorgeous in her workout dress, which allows to you can see her beautifully-toned hard muscles and well shaped body. She’s a really attractive “little girl” – just 156 cm tall (according her data sheet) – with pretty face and gentle glance. But that lovely appearance don’t be fooled you, she’s highly-skilled in martial arts. Viki has so hard punches and kicks, which send you to the ground in no time. She’s fast, precise, strong. She shows her superiority over her opponent (you), when takes side kicks, front kicks, jumping side kick, knee kick, punches, groin kick, fingers breaking, stomping kicks… Finally, she destroys you totally, and it is just an easy workout for her.

    In sum: This is a superb clip, in which a cute little beauty beats up a cocky man. Viki do that with brutal force however feminine elegance. She speaks an acceptable level of english, which make the clip even more sexy. Highly recommended!

  2. Patrick Malarkey (verified owner)

    Deadly and beautiful feet, but they’re not in the camera view or in good focus enough to be as sexy as possible. Use more lighting or a quicker camera speed to focus each blow with those perfect feet and sexy long toes. The runtime should be for about 10 minutes of all types of kicks to the karate “soft” targets, using all parts of your foot. Start with low kicks to the groin area and progress to the abdomen areas then to the neck, throat and eyes, until I drop. Once down kick with the back of the heel, edge of the foot, and flat of the heel. And have a little fun with me when you’ve got me at your mercy!

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