Static power and beauty of karate – POV


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Barborka explains karate techniques (Mae Geri, Yoko Geri, Mawashi Geri, Sokuto knife foot stomp) and how dangerous can be this techniques, when they are done properly – in Gi pants and tight athletic top. Camera in whole video is static (different as in our vs. you videos, where is always moving after strike) in POV angle
Runtime: 11:47
Format: WMV (1280×720)
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3 reviews

  1. citizen

    I’m not a fan of POV but this record seems well choreographed with cool angles.

  2. Patrick Malarkey (verified owner)

    Excellent video Barborka, I could watch something like this all day, at the least I think.

  3. Thomas Berger (verified owner)

    Very good video that casts Baborka in the role that’s best for her; calmly and confidently explaining what she does while demonstrating her skills.
    I’d love to see a video like that for hand techniques or combinations.

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