Nathaly martial arts action


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Streching (in Dobok), Kicking demonstration on camera (Dobok, Kickbox outfit), vs. You video (in casual), Selfdefence (Dobok, Casual), Kicking in high heels, Short selfdefence scene in high heels, Beatdown (tights, sport bra)
Runtime: 8:23
Format: WMV (1280×720)
Filesize: 773 MB


2 reviews

  1. BartekPL

    Perfect. Every part of it 🙂

    At last a tall, blonde taekwondo beauty who isnt from Croatia – so I hope she will appear more often in your productions! She is fast, flexible and shows many combined techniques.
    I loved her feisty attitude in POV, and even the beatdown looked very dynamic and cool. A pity there was no groin kick at the end 😉 And maybe more action in heels next time?
    Nathaly looks very hot in her kickboxing outfit, I hope to see more of her in that outfit because it shows the girl`s sporty body better, than a dobok.

  2. tofino12007

    Nice skills and beautiful model!

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