Marcela revenge beatdown


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Marcela is angry on guy which bothered her boyfriend. So she decided tie him and gives him kicking lesson. After stretching she threathen him firstly with slower kicks (0:55) and then beatdown (5:58). Last part of video include also short part of kicks when opponent is on ground (0:39) and POV kicks (0:20).
Runtime: 09:30
Format: WMV (1920×1080)
Filesize: 1,02 GB


2 reviews

  1. David Batman (verified owner)

    Marcela is the best. I will buy every video like this.

  2. AO (verified owner)

    The concept is one of the sexiest things imaginable. Marcelas Taekwondo is horrifying! The impact of her kicks is thunderous! However… if you’re going to do martial arts revenge torture like this, go ALL THE WAY. His reaction is mediocre to what she’s doing to him. He should be SCREAMING, begging for mercy, crying he’;s sorry. not just oo ahh.

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