Linda martial arts action part. 2


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Stretching – 0:30, Kicking demonstration in dobok 1:23 and in kickboxing outfit 0:29, Short scene in kickboxing outfit – 0:59, Kicking in elegant outfit, high heels – 0:48, Selfdefence in elegant outfit, high heels – 0:25
Runtime: 5:05
Format: WMV (1280×720)
Filesize: 758 MB


4 reviews

  1. tofino12007

    One of the best new models! Tall, skilled and awesome!

  2. Jay (verified owner)

    Love the kickboxing segment where Linda both boxes and kicks her opponent during sparring.

    Would love to see pov kicks as well as soft kicks to her opponent, where Linda explains the level of damage each kick can produce.

    The clip could have been a little longer with most of it involves Linda wearing both dobok and kickboxing attire, but a great clip nonetheless.

  3. maja (verified owner)

    Me would like to have longer casual&heels part.

  4. M (verified owner)

    Linda is amazing tkd model. Hope to see more of her in dobok. Also maybe a video of her and Ana together

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