Kira vs. Vivien


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Include 2 versions of fight, each one with different last part of video – in one part is Kira winning, in other part Vivien. Include kicks (head kicks, body kicks, crotch kick), punches, chokes (rear naked choke, high kick choke, choke with legs on ground).
Runtime: 3:04 (1st. version), 03:16 (2nd. version)
Format: WMV (1280×720) in ZIP file
Filesize: 1,26 GB Zip File (628 MB / 667 MB…1.ver/2.ver)


2 reviews

  1. Grasso

    Need more girl vs girl fights!! With low blows, throat punches and neck snaps!

  2. pindown

    Good to see F vs F but for me, the grappling fights are the best.

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