Katy karate action


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Karate black belt girl show her skills in… Vs. You (2:52, In Gi), Stretching (0:43, in Gi), Kicking techniques on camera and guy including POV angle (1:50, in Gi), Kicking on bag (0:25, in casual), Selfdefence and short scenes (2:55… in Gi 0:45, in Casual 1:06, in sporty 1:04), Face kicking (1:34, in Gi), Kicking in high heels (0:44, in Elegant outfit)
Runtime: 11:05
Format: WMV (1280×720)
Filesize: 614 MB


8 reviews

  1. Mahoni

    Pretty, intense, skilled!

    She’s attractie, focused, intense and very skilled. Love it!

  2. PiediDuri

    The new Barborka?

    Tiny beautiful Slovakian karateka. The face kicking sequence is awesome! Strongly recommended.

  3. Leslie Ann Levine


    More from her please! She’s amazing

  4. Superfan

    Top class

    Make every clip like this and I will buy every one!

  5. BartekPL

    Sexy, skilled girl!

    New blonde shotokan karate goddess? I would love to see her in gg fight with Barborka 🙂
    Video is great, i loved her face expression, she really has the passion and looks dangerous! Hot, deadly feet 🙂 Great POV sequence. One thing – high heeled POV could be longer!

  6. Love Pov

    Best clip in a while.

    Great format and camera angles! Keep it up with the kickers!

  7. dave72


    That’s the kind of action that i love

  8. Jorge (verified owner)

    Great as always

    Thank you very much for your wonderful work. Simply beautifully done.

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