Katka grappling vs. Gernot


Competitive grappling fight, Katka is very skilled, was Gernot able to win at least 1 time? It was also not easy for Katka, becouse Gernot tried his best. On end of the video is also part, where Katka make various choking techniques to test Gernot´s resistance against chokes
Runtime: 21:07
Format: WMV (1280×720)
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  1. volcan 51

    katka shines

    I feel like she is one of the strongest in the team, definitively wrestling its her thing, such confidence even in competitive wrestling. and dont forget she is good in striking too, so good that when she kicks balls usually her foe falls like a ton of bricks, leaving any wrestling just as a finishing move.

    Hope the day when you get to use her full wrestling and fighting potential, but you are defenitively in the right way..

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