Katka: Ballet dancer gives lesson


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Katka´s ballet training is interrupted by a caddish guy, so she give him lesson which he deserves
Runtime: 3:01
Format: WMV (1280×720)
Filesize: 189 MB


3 reviews

  1. Bence

    Not is good.

    I saw more better video.
    Where is the normal and intrested sexy ballbusting, groin kick, footjob, ball stomped, trampled with heel in barefoot, and etc..?

  2. BartekPL

    Katka in pantyhose! HOT!

    Katka in pantyhose is so hot, and her acting/taunting is great. Shame there are no kicks&stomps&ballbusting action… But it wil please all fans off grappling, and the price is very good!

  3. James


    Not so good…

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