Karolína photoset


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256 photos of wtf taekwondo black belt girl – kicking, posing, selfdefence photos. In Casual (146 photos), Dobok (103 photos) and Sporty outfit (7 photos)
Format: JPEG, in ZIP archiv
6000×4000, 4000×6000… pixels
Filesize: 575 MB


4 reviews

  1. BartekPL

    Cool photoset with great close-ups of leg techniques 🙂

    Really nice work!

  2. Clod100

    Great Kicks!

    Absolut perfect! Please more Pictures with her! In Dobok and kicking agaqinst two or more men! One of the best sets since Aneta!

  3. PiediDuri

    Strong, nice, dirty feet

    Awesome bunch of kicks scored by a solid Czech TKD girl. More eye contact to the camera and fight against two opponents in dobok.

  4. STEP73

    Brutal debut!

    Karolina’s first appearance is truly amazing! That only 21 years old, twice TKD champion girl is a real hit. She has beautifully toned body, see to pics 1 to 40. She’s really skilled – I think, she such easily destroy many average man, like on these photos, see to pics 41 from 146. Her Kata pics in dobok, are simply stunning, pics to 147 from 192. Yet better man crushing actions on the pics to 193 from 249. In the whole gallery, she send down to the ground her pathetic opponent, no less than twelve times, with very exciting fight moves. The last seven pictures, to 250 from 256: where Karolina kicks the bag in spandex and undervest are simply dazzling. Technically these set is perfect: the imege size up to 4000*6000 pixels and 4MB, that makes stunning 3D effect, mostly on the breathtaking “kick-on-the-air” pictures. Fight scenes are real and photographed at professional level. But all of that it wouldn’t worth anything, without Karolina’s annihilating power, invincible karate skill, and irresistible sex-appeal! Brutal debut! Awesome photoset, great value for few money. Five stars on every aspects and highly recommended to everyone who loves gorgeous, powerful, man destroying girls!

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