K-Lenka selfdefence


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Selfdefence in casual outfit (2:21) and elegant outfit (14 sec.)… include neck break
Runtime: 02:35
Format: WMV (1280×720)
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5 reviews

  1. bobbyboy

    not bad

    Would love to see K-Lenka do a kick demo like Ingrids. This is nice but needs pov.

  2. neighbortotoro


    K-Lenka is proving time and time again to be an absolutely incredible fighter. Her skill is fantastic, illustrated on this brief but awesome self-defense scenario. Fast, direct, devastating punch-kick/knee combinations, roundhouse kicks, some groin shots, all the goodies are in here. Absolutely recommended and a prime example of the extraordinary growth shown by all the team on skilledfemfighters/deadlyfemalefighters.


  3. Rick

    Powerful Skills!

    I love this video. Lenka’s skills are powerful and fast. She is an amazing model!

  4. friend3525

    Great fighting

    Great fighting style, and loved the tights. Sexy girl, and great finishing move at the end!

  5. STEP73

    The dream girl wins against anyone

    The tall deadly beauty annihilates totally this man, to whom didn’t had any chance against the superfast, properly skilled, and brutally strong blonde “killing machine”. K-Lenka is a real dream girl: I wanna die in a deadly fights vs her! What can I say more: 10 stars out of 5!!!

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