Ingrid karate kicking techniques


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In Gi – Ingrid is showing and explaining various karate kicking techniques – slowly and normal speed, a lot of POV
Runtime: 05:11
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8 reviews

  1. Józef

    Very good

    Nice kicks (good speed and tehnique), pretty girl, pretty feet. If you like instructional videos you should like it. I do.

  2. none


    Fantastic video. Ingrid is beautiful and very skilled. The best of your videos yet. I imagine getting her beautiful foot side-kicked into my throat – what a way to go!

  3. bigfan

    the best

    Every clip that looks like this will be bought. Should have finished with throat stomp!

  4. johnnydeep

    best clip i’veever seen

    more please!

  5. fan

    nice clip!

    Good clips, more view of the sole and a finisher with throat/face stomp would be even better!

  6. marc


    Awesome. I realize how dangerous karate girls like Ingrid are !

  7. macattack

    I want to get kicked by her in the face, sexy feet.

    I want to get kicked by her in the face, sexy feet.

  8. Rick

    Great model and great skills!

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