Ema vs. Mia


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Include 3 versions of fight, each one with different last part of video – Ema winning, Mia winning and in third they beat their boyfriend together – in one version win Ana (lenght 3:02). Include split punch (Ema in version 1)
Runtime: 2:12 (1st. version), 02:02 (2nd. version), 02:49 (3rd. version)
Format: WMV (1280×720) in ZIP file
Filesize: 665 MB Zip File (190,7 MB / 163,9 MB / 310,7 MB…1.ver/2.ver/3.ver)


3 reviews

  1. JadeOwl

    Excellent F/F action!

    As it has become obvious, every one of this site’s forays into F/F is a must buy. They keep getting better.

    Both girls in this video are extremely skilled and manage to pull of a very believable fight choreography.

    And Ema is so perfect one suspects she was grown in a lab for just this purpose. Flawlessly beautiful and astoundingly skilled in martial arts.

  2. karatekafan

    Gorgeous women and credible fighting

    Love all the FvsF clips, I have to say though that my only complain is that no Karate Gi’s are worn, to be specific, both women should wear the uniform and fight. Aside from that minimal gripe, this fight like all the other fights incorporating women have been superb!

  3. pota

    Need more!

    Need more f/f clips! Please add more low blows, and throat attacks too! Would love to see Barborka with her belly naked taking some good groin and throat attacks!!

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