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319 photos – 2 sporty outfits (62 photos first outfit indoors / 115 photos outdoors outfit) and Karate Gi (142 photos). Posing, Kicking, Selfdefence, Short scenes. Include diverse techniques – head kicks, stomach kicks, chops, groin kicks, knee kick, punches, palm heel strike to nose, knife hand strike…
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2 reviews

  1. Jay (verified owner)

    Brankica is a very skilled karateka. Hope to see her do more face kicks like in Ana Scenario Photoset 2 and Zoja Deadly Photoset soon.

  2. Consuelo Proietti (verified owner)

    Brankica is awesome! Personally I love extremely flat palm strikes directed to the nose and she does them really well! I hope your models will use this type of shot more because I love it!

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