Brankica karate action


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Streching / warm up – 0:44, kicking demonstration – 3:51 (3:26 – in sporty outfit, 0:25 – in dobok), selfdefence – 5:21 (3:38 – in sporty outfit 1, 1:18 – in dobok, 0:25 in sporty outfit 2), beatdown – 2:47 (in dobok)
Runtime: 13:15
Format: WMV (1280×720)
Filesize: 1,07 GB


4 reviews

  1. Camilo Trespalacios (verified owner)

    I love this new girl very beautiful and skilled, I would had love more POV action and the kicks a little slower you know, maybe you could do kicking technique video for slower kicks and more close up to the sole, great video overall I really look forward to see more of her.

  2. N.n (verified owner)

    Awesome girl, wold like more POV kicks and that her sexy soles are better visuable

  3. STEP73 (verified owner)

    A stunning presentation of fighting power, speed, and skills! Brankica use her fantastic abilities with convincing self-confidence to destroys the male attacker. He had no chance against this gorgeous young woman, who use him as a practice dummy! I like so much her POV kicking demonstration, the many slow-motions, the different-angle filming. Splendid clip! 5-stars with ease!

  4. AO (verified owner)

    Two words. PERFECT FEET. The way this is paced is incredible. Slowly intensifying into a beatdown with cries of agony and singing KIYAHS! The foot focused POV on her perfect kicks so you can imagine being at her mercy. Then cutting to her striking someone with the same attack is so sexy. I just wish the male actors reacted a little more than an oo and ahh.

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