Barborka vs. Ema


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Barborka and Ema solve their problems with fight. ZIP File include 2 versions – in one version win Ema and in other version win Barborka. Include neck break in both versions
Runtime: 05:18 (1st. version), 05:01 (2nd. version)
Format: WMV (1280×720) in ZIP file
Filesize: 711 MB Zip File (374 MB / 337 MB…1.ver/2.ver)


10 reviews

  1. godsmack


    Good fight! More like this!

  2. Mailgg

    Good overall

    Good to see more girl vs girl. Good fast pace and outfits are my favourite. Wish there was more low blow in fights & girls need to sell low blow for longer like guys do. Will buy more in future if girls like ema, baborka & lubka are in leggings getting low blowed

  3. Attila (verified owner)

    Catfight is always stunning

    Both girls are gorgeous, both had many times proved their high grade fighting skills and brutal power when they destroyed lots of males. But here, this two beauty turns against each other and they makes some breathtakingly sexy rumbles, what truly exciting to watch! The two different end (in separate clips) allows that anybody able to see the final victory of her favourite girl! I really like this new addition to the site’s contain and I hope, that we will see more like this, soon… Perhaps with Olga vs Nicca?

  4. Giaggio

    A good start

    The girls are hot, nice outfits, they definitely know how to kick someone, but some reactions are pretty poor. The guys are way better in this…these girls seems shy! And Barborka is laughing in that split low blow punch, c’mon….need to work on those reactions! But I definitely hope to see more, with more low blows, throat punches, arm breaks and stuff like this. Price is amazing, few bucks for a good video!

  5. MBEN

    More girl on girl action!

    Nice, quick fight between these lovely ladies. Choreography was better than most other videos out there. Won’t hesitate to buy any future female vs female matches.
    Loved the two different endings.
    Replays were cool.
    And loved the low blows, made it feel more like a Bruce Lee fight.
    Only con: More of a nitpick. Would have gladly exchanged the slow-mo moments for more fight time.

  6. battyb9

    was good

    more girl fights

  7. Dimitri


    Finally a good Female vs Female Video! We really need more of that!

  8. AgentX9

    Highly recommended!

    This is the only video so far where I could see skilled martial artists in a fantasy female fight.
    The staged action is superior to any catfight videos out there!

    I loved the low blows : they add realism and ferocity to the fight.
    The only thing I would improve is the acting of the two fighters. I would like to see prolonged pain reactions (especially from the low blows) and a more dramatic action.

  9. Agent Smith

    Overall a really good match and I’m becoming quite an Ema fan. The fighting was really good, but I’ll agree with some of the other comments that the low blows need a more extreme reaction. I’m considering a custom from these guys, but I’m a little worried about the reaction thing.

    I also liked the neck break finishers, but for me, it would be better if they ended up with their eyes open after the neck snap. For some reason that has more of an impact (and looks hotter).

  10. Wolfgang Marschall (verified owner)

    Looking good and skilled women.

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