Barborka selfdefence 6


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Explanation of techniques and their effectiveness – 4:03, Selfdefence scenes – 8:01, Selfdefence against 3 guys (5 scenes) and 2 guys (1 scene). Include very diverse techniques – various high kicks, groin strikes (kicks, knee, groin grabs, punch), chops, palm heel strike… – Casual outfit… 5 scenes in heels (vs. 3 guys) and 1 scene barefoot (vs. 2 guys)
Runtime: 12:04
Format: WMV (1280×720)
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4 reviews

  1. majafoto majafoto (verified owner)

    Overall awesome video, I just dont like the camera positions – it is too close most time, preventing to see her figure while punching and moving in heels. Also any leg sweeps and finishes of lying attackers are missing, maybe in next follow-up?

  2. Zika

    I totally agree with MAJAFOTO .
    The video is good and Barborka was fantastic as usual but the camera position wasn’t good .
    I hope see Barborka against 2 or 3 guys again and again ❤

  3. jonathan mortenson (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the energetic and powerful fighting of Barborka. I always love seeing her in high heels, using them as deadly weapons. Nice ballbusting moves.

  4. Claus-Clod Hellmer (verified owner)

    A great one! Please make a clip with the same style but with an TKD girl. Three against one with a lt of high kicks. That would be a hit for me!

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