Barborka selfdefence 4


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Include selfdefence against various type of attacks. 4:46 – in sporty outfit (leggins, top, sneakers) and 3:48 in karate Gi
Runtime: 09:11
Format: WMV (1280×720)
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1 review

  1. Barborka Lover (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant. Barborka is fantastic and she is so hot. I love her accent too. This is one girl you don’t want to attack. I enjoyed her describing her intentions to break bones and crush the man’s balls. Very convincing action and the male actor was very good.
    If you are going to provide material this good then you need to put your prices!
    It seems churlish to point out areas which would improve the clip when it was so awesome anyway but here goes. I would prefer her use the word balls rather than groin when describing her moves and to say what damage she is trying to cause when she strikes the balls. I would like her to wear jeans or leggings tucked in to knee length boots. Flat heeled combat or police lady boots would be perfect for the casual clothes section. Finally I I would like her to flash a hint of a sadistic smile either when she is kicking the man in the balls or afterwards when he is suffering from the blow.
    Great work guys.

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