Barborka kicking demonstration


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Barborka shows kicking techniques slowly and fast, various angles (pov, close up, from distance) using different part of foot. Kicks on groin, body, throat and head level. Also from the ground
Runtime: 11:24
Format: WMV (1280×720)
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4 reviews

  1. Johnny the Kids

    Amazing Concept

    Almost, pretty much, perfect. The only thing that would have made it better is if she described the damage of each strike. Amazing girl! Please make more.

  2. Jorge (verified owner)

    Dream Demo!

    I just can’t thank enough. All your productions are super high quality, but this one is perfection. Your work is better and better. I admire, respect and love what you are doing here, guys. Barborka is super skilled, beautiful, and great attitude. Camera work is awesome. Edition superb. And guy playing “opponent” is simply excellent, putting face and expressions perfectly for highlight each technique. Thank you all the team and keep your outstanding work and success!

  3. Johnny the Kids

    Amazing Concept

    Keep it up! They keep getting better. More like this.

  4. angrzm1 (verified owner)

    My favorite video actually, almost perfect!

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