Ana vs. Lorena


Ana sleep with Lorena´s boyfriend and it leads to a fight. ZIP File include 2 versions – in one version win Ana (lenght 3:02) and in other version win Lorena (lenght 2:40). Include split punch (Lorena)
Runtime: 3:02 (1st. version), 02:40 (2nd. version)
Format: WMV (1280×720) in ZIP file
Filesize: 726 MB Zip File (403 MB / 322 MB…1.ver/2.ver)


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  1. Jetz395


    I love this sites women vs women matches i do wish there was more in uniform vs in uniform matches but this video is great the set up the double video of both winning the kicks to the face the action flows perfectly looks real the women preform well and the acting is great they legit look like they are fighting i have bought almost every barefoot women vs women fighting match thats come out and ill continue to buy more the price is perfect and like i said i love seeing a woman in dobok or gi fighting another woman barefoot with heavy emphasis on face kicking this site is one of the few that i always look forward to when it comes to women vs women combat i also buy povs but the best is women fighting women and this site always does it right spend the money and support them

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