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Forum rules

1. The purpose of the forum is discussion and opinions about our website, as well as general discussion that will help us to create a video / photo material that you will like. Posts beyond of the focus will be deleted.

2. Do not share any pictures and videos (our or other producers) from paysites.

3. Spamming, posts of a hateful nature or posts demeaning to other board members are not allowed

4. Any offensive or disparaging posts concerning girls and also other actors will be deleted (we don´t mean constructive criticism, this is of course welcome and allowed).

5. Discussions or stories concerning zoophilia, necrophilia, snuff and real rape are forbidden and will result in an immediate ban

6. Password sharing / trading is prohibited

These rules are general guidelines and are not intented to cover every aspect of participation in the boards. Please use common sense when participating and communicating.

The admins of the forum reserves the right to make changes to the rules at any time